The case for the Washington Wizards trading Bradley Beal


Bradley Beal’s time with the Washington Wizards has had its highs and lows and it may be coming to an end. The Wizards should trade him while they can.

Bradley Beal is currently in his 11th NBA season. He came into the NBA with a league-ready jump shot and the potential to become a great scorer. This scoring ability was realized — he’s averaged over 22 points per game for seven consecutive seasons and has topped 30 in two different seasons. At 29, he has a nearly foolproof offensive game that can react to any defense and still has a good chunk of his prime left to contribute to a contender.

So why would the Washington Wizards trade him? I would like to answer that question with a question of my own — Where are the Washington Wizards going? The team has posted a losing record in each of the last four seasons and are under .500 as we approach the halfway mark, or shall we say trade deadline, of the 2022-23 season.

When he and John Wall shared the backcourt in the nation’s capital the team was consistently at or above .500, winning three playoff series during their partnership. Brad was a key piece to playoff wins early in his career and showed that he can thrive in a winning situation. There’s no way with his experience and maturity that he isn’t burning to get back into such a situation. Who knows how hungry he’ll be once he’s back there?

So, okay, we understand why a team would want Beal, but to circle back to my question before, why would the Wizards trade him? John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter Jr., Markieff Morris, Marcin Gortat — those will be the years that people remember most from No. 3’s career in Washington, for most of those other players, they’re already a relic. It’s been six years since that team was on the court together, resulting in a No. 4 seed and a top-7 MVP finish for Mr. Wall. It was the peak of their powers, they were a 26-point, Game 7 performance by Kelly Olynyk away from reaching the conference finals. Who knows…Source

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