Murray State basketball finally posts final score from loss at Auburn

Faith in the Racers has been restored.

Murray State lost to Auburn 71-58 back on December 22nd. The Racers posted the final score to Twitter only to be ratio’d with deep-friend memes by Tigers fans in the replies, as is tradition. MSU then proceeded to delete the tweet.

By all accounts, this was a severe mistake.

For the next several weeks, any time Murray State tweeted, Auburn fans flooded the replies with even more memes (“you just lost to the ghost of Murray State’s deleted final score tweet,” for example) telling the Racers to post the final score or else the memes would never stop.

In response, MSU started blocking Auburn fans. As would any person that was getting destroyed on Twitter. Then, in the midst of the war, a hero approached.

Tevin Brown, a guard on Murray State’s basketball team, ended the Twitter war by posting the final score.

Auburn fans were overjoyed in the comments. In fact, some fans were so glad that the final was posted, they took to the replies of Tennessee State’s basketball Twitter account, spamming deep-fried images of Tevin Brown after the Racers beat Tigers of TSU handily.

Now, a peace treaty from Murray State basketball’s own account has been offered.

The war between Auburn and Murray State Twitter has officially subsided. We may now move on to spamming Ole Miss on Saturday.


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