Latest On Michigan Basketball, Recruiting Targets, Visits

Part one of this week’s Inside The Fort is a breakdown the summer for Michigan’s 2021-22 basketball team and provide plenty of hoops recruiting intel.

We discuss recent recruiting visitors and where things stand, before providing a preview of this weekend’s recruiting visitors and what their presence on campus may mean for the class going forward.

Then, we give the latest on how each Wolverine is looking in preseason workouts and voluntary practices before official practice sessions begin ahead of the season.

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First off, it can’t be overstated how much fifth-year senior guard Eli Brooks’ return means to this team. He has become an unbelievable leader and mentor for the younger guys — remember, there’s a lot of turnover on this team — and guys are following his lead when it comes to putting in the work. This is one hard-working, self-starting group — they know if they don’t, they’re going to be left behind given the talent on this team — and it starts with Brooks’ example.

There wasn’t a guy on the team who didn’t make significant progress in the amount of time they got to work with them. Second-year freshman forward Terrance Williams is one of the most improved — the sophomore is shooting the ball well and putting up really nice numbers, though he (and junior Brandon Johns) really needs to continue to get better with the ball and putting it on the floor.

Freshman Zeb Jackson is one of the most improved players on the team. He’s been shooting the ball well, and he’s also been a great leader. Kids gravitate to him, and there’s hope he can provide some minutes (though it won’t be at the point. He’ll be a two, maybe sometimes play on the wing).

It’s been hard to tell how good these guys are defensively, because they haven’t scrimmaged a lot. We do know freshman guard Frankie Collins is an absolute ball hawk and proved it in the drills, etc. He got incrementally better each week, including shooting the ball. His jump shot isn’t ‘broken,’ but it still needs work.


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