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1. IOWA, ALABAMA AND TEXAS: I think the two best wins of week one were what Iowa did to Indiana and what Alabama did to Miami. The Crimson Tide were the most impressive, but what the Hawkeyes were able to do versus the Hoosiers struck me. Nobody wants to admit Texas did well, but I thought they did and Hudson Card is going to be better than Sam Ehlinger. Let’s be honest – a lot of folks had Louisiana winning and the Longhorns were able to separate from them. They probably won’t get enough credit, when typically, they receive too much.

2. GEORGIA DEFENSIVE LINE: There will be performances that I left out in the first point and Georgia’s win over Clemson was one of them. But it’s hard to be totally impressed by a 10-3 victory and seeing JT Daniels have his struggles. You’re not going to win many games scoring 10 points and I’m not sold on Dabo Swinney and the Tigers with everything they lost. But, Georgia likely has the best defensive line in football and they single-handedly dominated the contest.

3. DANIEL GREEN: He was the best player on the Kansas State defense against Stanford on Saturday by my count. Maybe I should say the entire team. And if there is one player that we’d want to say that about after week one, he’s the guy. A play that stands out was actually the sack by Cody Fletcher, and it shows the evolution of Daniel Green as a player. Not only did he play faster, he played smarter, more assignment-sound and more unselfish. He and Cody Fletcher both blitzed. Green could have chased his own money and went outside in search of the sack. Instead he went head-on with the linebacker in the hole, so that Cody Fletcher was freed up untouched. That’s how you execute that defensive play, perfectly.

4. BIG 12, UCF, CINCINNATI, HOUSTON AND BYU: It sounds like a marriage will be completed, and that those four schools will replace Texas and Oklahoma in the Big 12. It’s the best that the Big 12 can do and those schools will clearly receive a boost and more money in their pockets from the move.

1. WASHINGTON: We see an FCS school knock off an FBS program each season. It already happened this year when UC-Davis grabbed a win over Tulsa. But the Huskies were in the top 25 and Montana isn’t a program typical of that kind of upset.

2. USF: There was a point where they were in a better league than their archrival, UCF. They were in the Big East. Fast forward to now and the Golden Knights are headed to the Big 12 and USF is still stuck in an AAC about to be plucked.

3. NEBRASKA: Hooray for defeating Fordham, but a bad loss to Illinois in week zero preceded it. Bret Bielema and the Fighting Illini then lost in the following week to UTSA.

4. COACH O: While I loved the insult of the UCLA fan and his “sissy blue shirt”, following it up by getting thumped in Pasadena wasn’t a good look.

5. WEST VIRGINIA: They were the only Big 12 team that lost in the opening week.

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